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Information about Wuerzburg

With characteristic statues of the Saints One of the city´s landmarks located next to the river Founded by wealthy citizens in 1316 A principal work of German architecture (11th cent.) Formerly a guesthouse, received ornate stucco facade Refuge during the Hallstatt era (around 1000 BC) Was originally the seat of an Episcopal official Founded in 1576 by Prince Bishop Julius Echter Pilgrimage church / Balthasar Neumann (1752) Restored warehouse, (1904) Museum Late Gothic period hall church (1480) Romanesque basilica from the 11th century Unesco World Cultural Heritage Site Residence Palace Original laboratory C. W. Roentgen (x-rays) Most important work of  A. Petrini (1691)
Alte Mainbruecke Alter Kranen Buergerspital Dom St. Kilian Falkenhaus Fortress Marienberg Grafeneckart and Town Hall Juliusspital Kaeppele Kulturspeicher Marienkapelle Neumuenster Residenz Roentgen Memorial Stift Haug
Wuerzburg is a great city and always worth a visit. Many attractions are waiting to be explored by you …
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